Personal Trainers for Weightloss Ascot

Hiring a personal trainer offers many benefits. They arrange the training sessions according to the trainer’s physical fitness.

Personal trainers help you achieve your goals in a short time. They will consider your fitness level and help you set goals. Your trainer will teach you the right way to do all the exercises.

He will demonstrate the exercises to make you understand the right posture and see how you’re performing. Knowing the right way to do the exercises reduces the pain and the risk of injury. You can practice the exercises even without going to the gym. Personal trainers know various exercises so that you won’t be bored. They will check health condition and recommend what you can do.

Your trainer will also keep a record of your exercise routine so that you won’t miss any fitness session. When you’re doing the exercises alone, you can skip a routine if you’re not up for it. Your trainer will keep you motivated. However, you have to wait months before you see any visible results.

If you want to eliminate excess fat immediately without going through any surgical procedure, you can consider cryolipolysis and Hi-Fu.

What to Expect from Cryolipolysis Ascot

Cryolipolysis damages the fat cells by freezing them. This causes the fat cells to die and be flushed out of the body through metabolic waste.

Cryolipolysis is also known as cool sculpting. Just keep in mind that cryolipolysis is not effective for large amounts of fat. It only deals with subcutaneous fat or the fat stored directly beneath your skin. Click here to find out more about us!

Cryolipolysis is ideal for people with small fat deposits that are hard to eliminate with exercise and diet.

  • This procedure is cheaper than liposuction.
  • One of the best things about cryolipolysis is that it’s non-invasive. Since there’s no recovery period, no time off is needed.
  • There is also no incision made, so the procedure isn’t painful.
  • The only side effects of cryolipolysis are numbness and temporary redness in the target area. These effects go away after a short while.
  • Cryolipolysis can help you lose up to 1.5″ around your waist or the area where it’s used.

The cryolipolysis machine contains a refrigeration unit, and a gel patch is applied to the target area. The temperature of the fat is reduced in that area, causing the fat cells to be damaged and gradually die. Click here to see how to prepare for the treatment!

The treated fat cells never return. The gradual removal of fat cells reduces the fat layer. If you want to get rid of your bra fat or love handles, you should consider cryolipolysis.

What to Expect from Hi-Fu Ascot

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (hi-Fu) targets specific areas of fat within the shortest possible time. It uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to destroy the fat cells and tighten the skin in the target area.

The fat cells are removed through the natural removal process of the body. This process continues for six months after the procedure. hi-Fu is also ideal for precision body sculpting. Here are the benefits of hi-Fu.

  • Like cryolipolysis, hi-Fu doesn’t have certain surgical risks and downtime.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure without harsh side effects.
  • You can achieve a reduction of about one dress size or 1″ waistline with one hi-Fu session. Since hi-Fu only targets the fat cells, the surrounding tissue is unharmed.
  • If you want to eliminate excess fat and achieve a perfectly contoured look without any surgical procedure, you should consider hi-Fu.

However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for hi-Fu body sculpting, so you should set a consultation with one of our technicians.

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