Gym To Lose Weight Ascot

There are several reasons why you should go to the gym. Although your body might feel sore and achy after you exercise, exercising can help keep your body in shape.

The body won’t become weak and flabby. Exercise will not only strengthen your muscles. It also lowers your blood pressure and strengthens your muscles.

You will feel better as well. Walking out of the gym causes the body to release endorphins or happy hormones.

Endorphins interact with the receptors of the brain to reduce a person’s sense of pain. This results in an uplifting and euphoric feeling.

Going to the gym can help improve your sleep as well. Exercise tires the body, so you will be able to sleep soundly and deeply without taking sleeping pills.

Going to the gym also reduces your stress since you don’t have time to think about other things. You have to focus on exercising, helping you find a sense of peace. 

Moreover, going to the gym improves your self-esteem. It brings you closer to your goal of having a healthy and fit body. Confidence is inherently connected to your appearance because whether you like it or not, people judge and compare both inward and outward appearances. Click here to find out more about us!

If you want to eliminate excess fats quickly, you should consider the latest technologies available today.

Cryolipolysis and hi-Fu are non-invasive methods that can help you get rid of unwanted fats.  

Hi-Fu for Weight Loss Ascot

Hi-Fu or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound delivers ultrasound energy into the subcutaneous fat layer at a controlled depth. This process destroys the fat cells in a non-invasive manner. It’s an ideal option for body contouring and fat reduction in the thighs, upper arm, abdomen, flanks, and buttocks.

Since hi-Fu targets only the subcutaneous fat tissue and destroys localized fat cells, it doesn’t harm the skin and surrounding tissues like muscles, nerves and blood vessels. This procedure tightens the skin as well. Here’s what you can expect from hi-Fu.

  • This procedure is suitable for women and men.
  • The treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and drained to the liver through circulation and the natural lymphatic channels. This helps you achieve a more contoured and thinner waistline.
  • Results usually take 4 to 12 weeks to be seen. This is the amount of time needed for the body to process the treated fat cells. Full effects from one treatment session can take up to 9 months.
  • There’s no downtime. You can resume your day right after the session.

For more information about our Cryolipolysis and hi-Fu treatment procedures, please call us anytime.

Cryolipolysis for Weight Loss

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing cools body fat to break down the patient’s fat cells. This reduces body fat without causing damage to the surrounding tissues or skin.

You will feel a cold sensation for a few minutes as the vacuum applicator with cooling panels creates an anesthetic effect. The fat cells are cooled for up to one hour. You can expect the following from this procedure:

  • This procedure is ideal for treating excess fat that can’t be removed through exercise and diet.
  • Those who have poor physical, emotional and mental health are not good candidates for cryolipolysis.
  • The procedure may cause redness in the treated site, but it will disappear after a few hours. Localized bruising may also occur, but this too goes away within a few hours.
  • There is no recovery time so that you can resume your normal routine the same day.
  • You will notice a visible reduction in fat bulges in 2 to 4 months.

Before the procedure, we will review your medical history and discuss the outcome and potential risks of the procedure. We will also talk about your expectations.

Cryolipolysis therapy usually requires several treatment sessions.

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